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Year 1 Belonging

Year 1 Belonging


Year 1's RE topic was belonging. In line with this topic we were learning about Baptism and how we are welcomed into the family of Jesus when we are baptised. In class we learned about the symbols and objects involved in a Baptism. The children could name and describe the importance of each of these.

On the 19th of October we walked to Sacred Heart Church where we were met by Fr Derek. He opened the church for us and was able to talk to the children about Baptism. We sat around the font while he explained and role played the process of a Baptism. First he showed us the form that the parents sign to say that they want their child to be part of God's family. Next he showed us the special, large candle next to the font, this is the candle that lights the Baptismal candle. He discussed the Oil of Chrism and the Oil of Catacumin demonstrating where they are put onto the baby. The children looked at the font and had a photo taken next to it.

On returning to school we role played a baptism as a class. We had children who played the role of the God Parents, the priest and the parents. The children were able to remember what the priest said during the Baptism and they could describe the roles of the adults involved.
Afterwards the children used religious words and phrases to describe a Baptism.


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