St Benedict's Staff

Staff 2016/2017

Head Teacher:  Mrs. K. Sill

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs J. Haslam

Assistant Head Teacher:  Mrs D. Twiby-Young

Assistant Head Teacher:  Mr D. Frewin


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Teachers:  Mrs D. Twiby-Young

Reception Teachers: Mrs R. Heath and Miss J. Follan and  Mrs R. Bickerstaff

EYFS Teaching Assistants:   Mrs E. Marley, Miss C.Dorgan,  Mrs E. Parkes, Miss J. Bareham and Mrs P. Robson 

 Key Stage 1

Year 1 Teachers:  Mrs S. Robinson/Mrs J. Haslam and Miss C. Rumins

Year 2 Teachers:   Mr D. Frewin and Miss C. Wilson

KS1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs M. Harland, Mrs D. Smith, Mrs J. Johnston, Mrs G. Henderson  and Mrs J.Ogden

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Teachers:  Miss K. Daws and Mrs K. Benton

Year 4 Teachers: Mrs S. Young/Mrs C. Gardner and Mr N. Sturdy

Year 3/4 Teaching Assistants: Mrs A. Bass, Mrs S. Atkinson, Miss J. Harland, Mrs C. Thwaites and Mrs E. Ashcroft

Year 5 Teachers:  Ms S. Kaur and Miss E. Short

Year 6 Teachers: Mrs S. Dickinson and Miss K. Fountain/Mrs E. Pringle

Year 5/6  Teaching Assistants: Miss A. Fairley, Mrs K. Greensmith, Mrs T. Pearson, Mrs E. James and Mrs E. McCormick 

French:  Mrs A. Jankowski

Learning Mentor: Mrs J. Noble   

 School Business Manager: Mrs S.Dunn

School Administrator: Mrs L. Quartermain  and Miss L. Davies              


Supervisory Assistants:         Mrs E. Ashcroft, Mrs J. Barker, Mrs A. Bass,  Miss A. Fairley, Mrs D. Dent, Mrs M Harland, Miss J. Harland, Mrs E McCormick, Mrs L. McCormick, Mrs T. McNeil, Mrs N. O’Hagan, Mrs. S. Parker, Mrs D. Smith, Mrs C. Thwaites and Mrs T. Pearson.



School Uniform

Following consultation with children, parents / carers, staff and governors I would like to inform ...

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