St Benedict's Staff

Staff 2016/2017

Head Teacher:  Mrs. K. Sill

Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs J. Haslam

Assistant Head Teacher:  Mrs D. Twiby-Young

Assistant Head Teacher:  Mr D. Frewin


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery Teachers:  Mrs D. Twiby-Young

Reception Teachers: Mrs R. Heath and Miss J. Follan and  Mrs R. Bickerstaff

EYFS Teaching Assistants:   Mrs E. Marley, Miss C.Dorgan,  Mrs E. Parkes, Miss J. Bareham and Mrs P. Robson 

 Key Stage 1

Year 1 Teachers:  Mrs S. Robinson/Mrs J. Haslam and Miss C. Rumins

Year 2 Teachers:   Mr D. Frewin and Miss C. Wilson

KS1 Teaching Assistants: Mrs M. Harland, Mrs D. Smith, Mrs J. Johnston, Mrs G. Henderson  and Mrs J.Ogden

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Teachers:  Miss K. Daws and Mrs K. Benton

Year 4 Teachers: Mrs S. Young/Mrs C. Gardner and Mr N. Sturdy

Year 3/4 Teaching Assistants: Mrs A. Bass, Mrs S. Atkinson, Miss J. Harland, Mrs C. Thwaites and Mrs E. Ashcroft

Year 5 Teachers:  Ms S. Kaur and Miss E. Short

Year 6 Teachers: Mrs S. Dickinson and Miss K. Fountain/Mrs E. Pringle

Year 5/6  Teaching Assistants: Miss A. Fairley, Mrs K. Greensmith, Mrs T. Pearson, Mrs E. James and Mrs E. McCormick 

French:  Mrs A. Jankowski

Learning Mentor: Mrs J. Noble   

 School Business Manager: Mrs S.Dunn

School Administrator: Mrs L. Quartermain  and Miss L. Davies              


Supervisory Assistants:         Mrs E. Ashcroft, Mrs J. Barker, Mrs A. Bass,  Miss A. Fairley, Mrs D. Dent, Mrs M Harland, Miss J. Harland, Mrs E McCormick, Mrs L. McCormick, Mrs T. McNeil, Mrs N. O’Hagan, Mrs. S. Parker, Mrs D. Smith, Mrs C. Thwaites and Mrs T. Pearson.



School Uniform

Please use the  link below to order uniform online. 

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